In Search Of…A Higher Powered Profession 5/4/06


Nestled in the peaceful Sparta countryside, sits this secluded Monestery. Built back in the 1980’s, it is a place
of prayer for the five Monks that live here. “The Monks life is focused around prayer so we meet 7 times a day for
prayer in the chapel where we sing the praises in gregorian chant.”

While prayer is the ‘main’ focus of their life here, it’s cetainly not the ‘only’ focus. Each one of the Monks
brings to the table their own talents and hobbies. “We have a brother who is very savy in computer and
technology. Some in music, outdoors, forestry, carpentry. I have my big model railroad layout.”

In fact it is amazing to learn how down to earth these heavenly men really are. “We’re pretty much like the average

And if that surprises you, then I think you’ll find this next bit of the story to be simply
unbelievable. Monesteries are required to find some source of income for maintaining their spiritual life. “We
started asking ourselves what type of resources do we have.”

During this process, a funny thing happened. “My printer ran out of toner and I needed another cartridge. So I’m
poking around online and it just struck me that this is way to expensive for a bunch of ink. I said ‘there’s got to be
a better way.'”

A lightbulb moment that proved to be golden. Using some savvy business skills and a few connections from
above… “Look we’re Monks, could you give us a better deal?” was launched in 2001. Today they take
on the office supply big boys…with a little help from the big guy. “In 2002 I think we did an entire 2000 gross.
This year, we expect to be between 5 and 10 million and expect to grow expenentially from there. We’ve been very
blessed with success.”

But this is not your average Monk E-business. What makes their success so sweet…is that all the profits go to
charity. “It’s pretty exciting that 4 or 5 monks in the coulee region could be enterprising…but doing good

Yes the focus here is prayer. “It is our spiritual life and our commitment to god that is the main reason we are
here.” But these monks are living proof that working, playing and praying are all a part of their spiritual
journey. “Who we are and what we’re doing, that’s what matters.”

We went in search of…a higher powered profession. We found it.

If you’d like to learn more about Laser Monks you can check out their website at