In Search Of…a non-traditional Dad 6/16/05


On the outside looking in, the morning routine at the Oldenburg house is pretty much like any other.
But when its time to head to work for the day, it’s Kim who goes and James that stays. That’s right…this West
Salem dad…is actually a real life Mr. Mom. But it hasn’t always been like this.

Seven years ago when oldest daughter Marie was born, James continued his job as an art teacher. “I thought I was the
busiest guy in the world with just one.” “Then we decided to have another child and found out that we were having
twins so that kind of changed things drastically.”

When twins Nick and Abby joined 17-month old Marie, Kim and James knew one of them would have to be at home and
Kim’s job as a nurse anethstitist provided the major income for the family. So she went back to work…and James
became a stay-at-home dad. “It was very interesting trying to change three diapers and feed everybody. They always
seem to want to be fed at the same time.” “It’s alot of work being a stay at home dad and the roles get mixed up and
you kind of have to re-write the book.”

And sometimes by re-writing the book…you make it even better. “I remember growing up and my world revolved around
my mother and their world will revolve around both mom and dad because I’m so much a part of their lives” “He’s just a
wonderful dad. And we couldn’t be as a cohesive a family if it weren’t for him and all the stuff that he does around
here. He’s just truly an awesome dad and he loves these kids…you can just tell it.” “To spend time with your kids
and to be able to be a part of their lives everyday…it’s wonderful.”

We went in search of a dad with a non-traditional role in the family. “There’s not too many of us out there. Not to
many Mr. Mom’s.” We found him.