In Search Of…Another Wii Record

A local senior continues his streak of Guinness World Records

John Bates, 87, is certainly not your typical gamer, but that hasn’t stopped him from earning a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records – three years in a row! “This is on page 159.”

Right there in fine print, his picture next to the title ‘Most perfect games of Wii sports bowling.” “It was 2850 perfect games when you were here two years ago. That was the record then.”

Fast forward two years and he has more than tripled that with 14,000 perfect games! “That’s 168,000 strikes.” 


He started playing in 2008 after a neighbor got him hooked and has since mastered the two handed toss.  “You have to do it perfectly perfect otherwise you don’t get a perfect score.”

Over the years he’s kept a very detailed account of all of his perfect games. “I have 80 one day, 80 another day. 85 perfect games on another day.”

Opening the book this year, John discovered an added bonus – yet another record set. “At the time the last game was counted in June of 2012, he was 85 years…225 days old. Making him the oldest video gaming holder.”

Strike after strike after strike, he still enjoys the challenge, but recently has set his sights on another Wii gaming record. “I may try to get a world record in Wii golf.”

Watch out gamers – John Bates is coming for you!