In Search Of… ClogJam


If you enter the halls of the Doerflinger building in downtown La Crosse and head to the basement floor…chances
are you will hear something a little out of place. Move in closer and the muffled sound becomes more clear.

Welcome to Clog Jam. “This is not tap dancing, this is clogging,” says ClogJam co-founder Tracy Mullanney. “Tap is
more on the balls of your feet. Where clogging, you’re more flat footed.”

Tracy Mullaney is proof that it’s never too late to start dancing. “I started at 42…and I’m 49! I never danced.
Didn’t take ballet when I was younger, but I thought ‘I think I can do that. So I started lessons and then we started
our own group.”

Infact, Tracy and co-founder Christi Pfaff are both nationally certified clogging instructors. And when they started
clogjam 5 years ago, even they were surprised by the immediate interest.

“I saw them at a performance and watched them and said ‘I need to do that.’ Just looked like so much fun.”

“I love music, I love to dance. But I’ve never taken any organized classes and I thought ‘there’s no time like the
present.’ And I’ve loved it ever since.”

“I’ve done hip hop, tap, ballet, jazz. But clogging has been my favorite so far. It’s really fun.”

Now this is ClogJam’s performance group that can be spotted at events all over the region. But this is a dance for
people of all ages and skill levels. “Our youngest group that we have dancing are 7-year-olds and our oldest are
residents at Eagle Crest and they do an amazing job, they’re really picking it up.”

“If you don’t love to exercise, this is a fun way to sneak it in without even realizing your exercising.”

They all love to dance…but this activity is also filling another void for many of the participants. “They are 15
of my best friends. I’m recently an empty nester and this is my empty nest activity. I love all these ladies.” “You
really kind of form a sisterhood. The people who are in our group are really tight. They get together socially, there’s
a book club that was started off of this.”

Great friends, great exercise and a whole lotta fun. Not a bad combination. “That’s the bottom line is that it’s
really meant to be a great deal of fun.” “If you love music and you love dance and you’ve never had a chance to do
it…it’s never to late. Now’s the time. There’s no time like the present.”

If you are interested in finding out more information or registering online…visit their website at