In Search Of…Dodgeball 3/2/06


Dodgeball is a game many of us associate with our youth. “I’ve been playing Dodgeball since I was in about the 4th
grade. But not since then!”

Well get ready, cause it’s not just for kids anymore. “Alot of adults love to play besides the kids. It’s a great
way to have fun as you get older.”

Now if you’re having a hard time remembering back to exactly how this game is played….allow me to refresh your
memory. “Dodgeball is basically a fun game that you play with two teams. At the beginning of the game, there’s a kind
of opening ruch and teams run to the middle court. Basically you just throw it at each other. If you get hit by a
ball, you’re out. If you catch a ball, that thrower is out is out…plus you get a teamate back in. You want to get
every player on the opposing team out.”

In this game, you gotta think fast and move even faster. And always remember the 5 “D’s”. “Dodge, duck, dip, dive
and dodge. Dodge twice cause dodge is very important in dodgeball.” “I have perfected the jump split.” “The main
move is to just not pull a muscle.” “That hurt.” “There’s nothing adult about this game at all! It’s just all of us
out here having a good time and getting sweaty.” “I have no clue what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to be kids at
heart and re-live the memories.” “To see them high five and smiling and clapping…it’s just a great thing to

We went in search of a game for the kid at heart… “Anyone can play dodgeball. It’s just fun.”

We found it. “Dodgeball rocks!!!

This session of dodgeball is wrapping up at the YMCA, but another league kicks off in April. If you would like to
join or just want more information, call the ‘Y’ at 782-9622.

And a reminder that we’re always looking for unique people and places to spotlight in our ‘in search of…’
series. If you have a suggestion, e-mail Jennifer Livingston at