In Search Of…Eagle Scout 4/20/06


Some people might categorize Andy White as disabled, after all this 34-year-old is wheel chair bound and has been
living with Cerebral Palsy since he was two. But if disabled is ‘all’ you see here, then you don’t know Andy
White! “The big thing about Andy is he makes you think it’s not what you can’t do, it’s what you can do.” “Andy’s a
real tough guy. He would fall out of his wheel chair and get right back up.”

In 1987, Andy joined the boy scouts. Slowly but surely he completed every challenge, working his way up among the
ranks. “That’s a 48 foot climbing and repelling tower and he made it up to the top about 4 times now.”

But recently Andy’s been climbing toward a different goal. “Andy said ‘I want to make Eagle,’ and I said, we’ll see
if we can get you there.” “That was one of my big goals and always has been.”

Eagle is the highest rank for a boy scout and only about two percent of members achieve it. And that’s without the
added challenges Andy faces. “I was told there was no way I could become an Eagle boy scout.”

But like I said, if all you see here is disabled then you don’t know Andy White. Last summer he spent coutless
hours helping organize and plan Century Tel’s Sand on the Riverfront event. “I did all the volunteer set-up and take

And as a result of all his hard work, this boyscout is finally flying to the top. This Saturday, he’ll will recieve
his Eagle rank. “I’m very proud of Andy. We have alot of other scouts that will be looking to his example.” “He just
shows that people are people, and it’s what’s inside them is important.” “I didn’t think it would be this much
work. I’m proud, I’ve been wanting this from day one.”

We went in search of…a man soaring to new heights, we found him.

Andy will be getting his Eagle award this Saturday night.. And he says he plans to remain active in the scouts.