In Search Of…Healing a Broken Heart


La Crescent resident Jan Ott is getting ready for her movin’ and improvin’ workout at Gundersen Lutheran. It’s a
cardio class specifically for people with a history of heart problems. Stoddard resident Dallas Doss attends the same
class. “They recommended this fitness program to help stregthen the muscles.”

But neither of these widowed seniors could predict the cardio connection they were about to make. You see Dallas
had taken special notice of Jan. And Jan thought Dallas was quite the tall drink of water himself. “I’d say ‘hi
Dallas’ for probably a year and a half.” When finally one day back in July, Dallas did something he hadn’t done in
nearly 60 years. He asked a girl on a date.
“We get here a little bit before the rest of class and I ask her Jan, I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I’d
like to take you out to dinner and get to know you better.” “The part that God plays in this is 2 days before…it
went in my mind I’d go out with Dallas.”

A few dates later… “Do we dare tell her how few dates? I would say probably about the 3rd date we new it was
probably going to be more than just a friendship.” “One night he said I’m not getting down on my knees, but will you
marry me? and I cried a bit and said yes.” “I told her I wasn’t going down cause she’d probably have to help me back

At 80 some years old…they are getting a second chance at love. “Whatever the lord gives us that would be

Dallas and Jan went in search of a way to heal a broken heart…they found it and so much more. “How are your
hearts doing now? They’ve picked up a bit.”

Dallas and Jan are tying the knot on November 18th, which also happens to be Jan’s 83rd birthday.