In Search Of…Linda’s Bakery


West Salem is home to one of the sweetest spots around. The salem bakery started more than 60 years ago, but in
1973, Linda Meeker took over, and Linda’s Bakery was born. “We were a pretty small building in downtown West

They didn’t stay small for long. Linda and her co-owner, little brother Marc have gone through two expansions since
they first took over. And all you have to do is ask their customers to figure out why. “This is the number one bakery
in the area….no doubt about it.”

The secret behind Linda’s sweet success??? Everything you see in here is made from scratch which is pretty rare
these days. “It’s real labor intensive and alot of places have gotten away from that because there’s easier ways to

Whatever tasty treat you’re looking for…you can find it in here. “We do decorated cakes….specialty
cakes…german chocolate cake….carrot cake.” “Take one look at the store…you can’t beat it….there’s everything
here and it’s so delicious.” “Bisquits…cupcakes…bars.” “Breads…buns…rolls.”

And it’s not just folks in the Coulee Region that are taking notice of all this bakery has to offer. “We send
decorators to various competitions around the state and we generally do very well with first of grand champion in
almost everyone we enter.”

For more than 30 years, Linda’s bakery has become a staple for the West Salem community. “To be located here in
West Salem…it’s a great community, we do very well here.”

We went in search of a place for the sweet tooth in all of us…”It’s a pillar in this community.” We found

Linda’s bakery also has a big impact on the West Salem economy. They have grown so much that they currently employ
more than 50 people in the community. They are open from 6 to 6…seven days a week and are located right off of
highway 16 in West Salem.