In Search Of…Miss Wisconsin: Kristina Smaby

Reported by Jennifer Livingston


Holmen native and current Miss Wisconsin, Kristina Smaby doesn’t have a lot of free time these days. With the Miss
America pageant right around the corner, Kristina is trying to juggle dress fittings and practicing her dance routine
and mock interviews and daily work outs. But her biggest preparation for the national stage is something she’s been
doing long before she got into pageants. “Being ‘Miss Kristina’ as a dance teacher at Misty’s Dance Unlimited is like
being Miss America because all these young children standing in front of me with impressionable young ears and eyes.
That’s what being Miss America is all about. You are a role model. It’s cliche’ but true.”

Kristina stumbled into her pageant career back in 2004 when a few people in the community encouraged her to compete
for Miss Holmen. “It just blossomed into a really big dream, Miss Wisconsin.”

Next up. Las Vegas where she will compete against 50 other amazing young women so being prepared for every aspect of
the pageant is key. Like the talent competition, “practicing my talent every other day what my toes can handle.” The
interview portion, “the judges don’t really have pageant experience. They come from different walks of life and
different perspectives on world issues and you don’t know what they are going to ask.” Then there’s the evening gown
section, “it’s really been putting together my wardrobe for competition.” And lets not forget about the dreaded
swimsuit competition. ” The judges are told to look for confidence. It’s not about if you are tall or short or big or
small or black or white. It’s really about, does that person feel comfortable with the body that God gave them. We’re
all made different. It’s 15 seconds…and I can handle that.”

Of course she wants to win, but Kristina says she feels like she already has. “Just being on the Miss America stage
is something where I need to live in the moment, take a deep breath. Because it is unreal that I have made it this
far. There’s no disappointment. This is an unbelievable dream. I am living it and loving it.”