In Search Of…Pine Wood Derby 4/6/06


This is a sneek peak at an event area kids are ‘gearing up’ for. “This weekend is our international pine car

Kids and cars from all over the country will soon be speeding in to Onalaska.with an international title waiting at
the finish line.

A pine car derby works like this, all the kids get a block of pine wood, 4 wheels and the freedom to do whatever
they want with it. “It doesn’t even have to look like a car. It can be anything that they want it to look
like. We’ve had violins and alligators and school buses. They compete in both craft and speed competitions.”

“Tthis year I did a bus.” “I like animals and I like the color green, so I decided to make an alligator.” “I
painted it with all different colors and my dad helped me shape it.”

In this race, strategy is the name of the game. “We cut it smaller to get it to go faster.” “Weight placement,
aerodynamics, the wheels get customized quite a bit to make them really go fast.” “Are you going to give out the
secret to your success?? um…no!”

We went in search of some area kids on the right ‘track’…we found them.

The kids in this story are from Mount Calvary Grace in La Crosse. Just like all the kids, they had to qualify for
this weekend’s competition by winning at the local and district levels. The international pine car derby gets
underway Saturday at 10:00 am at Luther High School in Onalaska.