In Search Of…Riverfest Commodores 6/30/05

They prey on unsuspecting folk. You never know when the pack will swarm. Yes as you can see…it’s all work and no
play in the life of a Riverfest Commadore. “We do have fun…but we have fun with a purpose. We’re trying to make
people feel good. That’s what we do, we are out supporting our wonderful community.”

2005 commodore Bob DiNicola is the newest member of this roudy club…and he’s catching on pretty quick. “They’re
just a loving group. Sincere group. I love ’em.” “I get a bit jealous. No…I know it’s all in good fun.
Remember, I get to kiss the guys!”

Each Commodore comes fully loaded with their own bag of buttons and a mission to pin as many people as they

No Commodore is complete without a First Mate by their side. “We don’t go anywhere without the necessities. The
shout, the kleenex, the cologne, you’ve gotta smell good at all times. We’ll be set for any occasion.”

From the jokes…”Finally somebody that wanted your pin!” To the joy… “Thank you…thank you.” It’s all a part
of this Riverfest tradition. “The Commadores are just an unbelievable group of people.”

We went in search of Riverfests craziest bunch…we found them.