In Search Of…Steppin’ Out in Pink

LA CROSSE, Wis. – It’s been 5 years since Patty Brown, a local breast cancer survivor came up with one a simple idea. “I approached Gundersen Lutheran Medical foundation, I thought maybe we could get 50 walkers and maybe we could raise about 2000 dollars. That little idea turned into a goal of one million dollars last year, which we raised. And this year, we’re hoping to go well over the 300 thousand dollars raised.”

It’s amazing what the power of one person can do. This year they hope to have more than 5000 walkers and raise more than 300 thousand dollars. “What’s so great is that all that money stays here locally.”

Patty isn’t shy about her passion of this event. “I’m steppin’ out in pink. It’s a lovely color and shade. My oncologist saw me and said there are people that our passionate and some people who are fanatically insane. And he just left it like that.”

Whether you walk for a family member, a friend, for yourself or for research, step out in Pink with us on September 11th. “It is pretty emotional seeing all those people. I found out today that our registration for survivors is 192. That to me is too big a number. But that’s where were at. To see those woman strong and supporting each other, is watching the young boys and girls walk. Because we’re doing it so they are not where we are and it’s very, very emotional.”

Part of this years proceeds go toward helping the uninsured and underinsured get early detection mammogram’s. If you’d like to pre-register online, you have until Monday, September 6th. The cost is 15 dollars. You can register at

You can also register the day of the event for 25-dollars.