In Search Of…The Colonel of Kornfest 8/18/05


Every August for the past 42 years, the Holmen community has gathered to celebrate this golden food. But it’s this
West Salem man that putting the corn in Kornfest.

You probably know John Jollivette for the strawberries he produces, but he is also the local corn King. “We’ve been
in the corn business as long as we have the strawberries, maybe longer.”

And five years ago, that business got a big boost. After the Holmen festival outgrew it’s original corn supplier,
Jolly’s Home Grown stepped in. “We’ve been doing it ever since.” “He’s been providing us with the amount they need
every year now.”

And every year that amount continues to grow. “It’s probably jumped another 100 dozen.”

Infact between now and Sunday, more than 25 thousand ears of corn will make their way to Holmen, and there’s a brand
new flavor this year. “This is a triple sweet. It’s a new variety.”

And despite the summer’s relatively dry weather, it looks like this season harvest is measuring up.
“Well you can do it the scientific way, or you can do it my way and just guess. It worked out good this

Infact, according to Jolivette, Kornfesters definetly have something to look forward to. “This years gonna be the
best corn we had over there. You can count on it.”

We went in search of…of the Colonel of Kornfest. We found him.

John has a suggestion for cooking perfect corn on the cob every time. He recommends bringing water to a boil and
putting the ears in for just three to four minutes. Any longer and John says you start to cook-out the flavor.

By the way.. Kornfest Friday through Sunday in H olmen. If you want to catch the Kornfest parade, it’s tomorrow
starting at 11 a-m.