In Search Of…The Coulee Chordsmen 3/30/06


It is a very exciting time for the 63 members of the Coulee Chordsmen. This weekend, this popular accapella mens
singing group will reach a pretty big milestone. “This is our 60th annual show.”

From day one way back in 1947, this group has kept area men in tune with their musical side. “You don’t have to
read music, but if you can sing, carry a tune, love to sing, that’s what we’re all about. If you don’t like to sing,
go bowl!” “We have people from all walks of life.” “You’ve got the gamet of backgrounds and personalities and jobs
all coming together to make music.” “We do have 4 or 5 college men. I think our oldest active member is 83. I’m
somewhere in the middle.”

And even with the different background, there is definetly harmony among this group…in more ways than one. “I
enjoy the fellowship of the guys and the whole idea of singing together and harmonizing is very energizing. It’s fun.
When the notes hit it really is a great feeling.” “I think they are a great group of men. They love to sing, their
commoradery and friendship is wonderful.”

We went in search of…a very notable group of guys. We found them.

Over the years, somewhere between four and five-hundred men have been members of the Coulee Chordsmen.

If you’d like to catch the groups 60th annual show, it’s this saturday at the viterbo fine arts center. There are
two performances, at 2:00 and 7:00.

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