In Search Of…The Eagles

Reported by Jennifer Livingston


Take a drive along any river road these days and you are bound to see some returning visitors. “Look at
’em out there!”

Over the past few years, the welcoming of spring also includes the welcoming of hundreds of bald eagles.
“Now they’re coming back because the water is opening up again and at the same time there’s dead fish that have died
over the winter. And the eagles will stand on the ice and pick up the fish that have floated to the surface so it’s a
free lunch for them.” “I tell you they’ve got some big fish out there.”

Although a few of these birds make their nests in our region, most of them are just passing through,
headed farther north for the spring and summer. So right now, there’s a lot of migrants here. So we’re seeing a lot of

How many eagles? Well it’s hard to say for sure – the last count was done a few years ago. “What we found
the last time we did it was somewhere between 600 and 800 in the La Crosse area.”

“I’ve never seen this many before”

“I’ve been seeing them for a few days now.”

Even though they appear different, nearly all of the birds are the majestic bald eagle. “The ones with
the white heads and white tails are adult birds. Brown or black is a juvenile bird.”

There are a few ‘hot spots’ in the La Crosse area to view them, like the pike between La Crosse and La
Crescent…but with so many in the area right now – you can find them just about anywhere look. “You can look at any
of the roadsides along the river and you should be able to see eagles somewhere.”

People come from miles around, with binoculars and cameras in hand…and looking at the history of the
bald eagle – it’s no wonder. “If you go back into the 70’s there were almost no eagles here. They’ve made a huge
comeback since the 70’s and it’s cool to see them because we almost lost the bald eagle a few years ago.”

“I’m in my 70’sand when I was young, I never saw any. They’ve really come back now. It’s amazing.” “I
think they’re beautiful creatures….one of the greatest creatures that God ever made.”

“Does something like this still impress you? Oh everyday it impresses me. So any advice for people that
want to see them? Get out now.”