In Search Of…The Ice Cream Truck 8/10/06


For most people, there is nothing better on a hot summer day than hearing the Ice Cream Truck. And when driver
Roger Reichert comes around, he is easily the most popular guy on the block. “They’ll come running from 2 blocks up

For three years, Roger has been delivering smiles to neighborhoods around the region. “If it’s the kids, they’re
doin’ the dance, if it’s the old people, they just can’t believe it and they come running. They are more fun than the
kids cause you never know what the old people are going to do and that can be anywhere from 30-80. To me, it’s not
about how much money I make, it’s how much fun I can have selling ice cream.”

We went in search of…the sweet sound of summer, we found it.

And believe it or not, Roger says he never gets tired of that song. The ice cream truck has 13 routes in La Crosse
and also hits Onalaska and Holmen. He usually comes around about once every two weeks so listen up.