In Search Of…The La Crosse Blue Stars #2 8/11/05


By noon on a typical day, the 128 members of the La Crosse Blue Stars drum and bugle corps have already put in a
long days work.

So by lunchtime, they are all ready for a much needed energy boost. “We get done with breakfast and we start on
lunch and then when we finish lunch we start on dinner.”

These musicians come together from all around the country to compete. “La crosse feels like a second home to me
after six years of doing this.”

And being away from home for an entire summer…the bonds form quickly. “It truly is a family. And you have these
friends for life.”

When one o’clock rolls around…’another’ practice begins. “Here’ the first ‘c’ of the day”

“Drum corps is like this whole crazy entity. It’s passion. You’re driven. You’re so competitive, you just love

By three o’clock…tired and exhausted…practice goes on. “Whether we win or not…these kids are being trained
like champions.”

At six o’clock…there’s just enough time for a quick dinner before they prepare for the evening’s competition.
Then one final practice and then the nerves kick in. “I should have stock in rolaids. Are they going to get it
right??? are they going to remember what we worked on today?”

And then…it’s showtime. “Every night in a stadium across the U.S. whether it’s the west coast, east coast…we’re
announced ‘from La Crosse, WI…The Blue Stars.”

“Your blue stars!!!” “Playing under the lights…it’s just something else. It’s just a big adrenaline rush.”

And on this day…all that hard work pays off. “In first place…with 85.1…your La Crosse Blue Stars.”

“This is a once in a lifetime thing and I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to do this.” “I would never trade
any of my summers for anything else.”

We went in search of a day in the life of a La Crosse Blue Star…we found it. And tomorrow, they’ll do it all

The blue stars season wraps up in about a week. If you’d like more information about the organization just go to