In Search Of…The La Crosse Skating Club 2/16/06


These kids are part of the La Crosse Park and Rec Departments figure skating program. “We have 48 kids in the club
this year.”

Boys and girls as young as 4 can take part in what is becoming a very popular activity. “You really learn alot from
it and it’s a really fun sport to do.” “We do alot of skating at home in our backyard and she just loves it. I don’t
know how to do anything so I had to bring her somewhere so she could go beyond skating around the backyard.” “As soon
as you get good at it, you can get even better and better and better and then you might be able to make it to the
olympics which I think would be so much fun.” “We love it. They’d never been on skates before, so I am extremly happy
with how far they’ve come.”

Andd on top of learning a new sport, here’s another spin on why this program is so great. “It’s great comaradury,
it’s different from every other sport. It’s a really good environment.” “She’s shy until she gets out on the ice and
then she just opens up like a butterfly.” “It’s really been a positive thing.” “Kids this age are so enthusiastic and
ready to learn…it’s really fun to see how they grow and progress through the years.”

We went in search of…a sport that’s on the cutting edge. “I just can’t stay off the ice.” We found it. The
club is about to put on it’s end-of-the-season show happening the first weekend in March. If you have questions about
this program, or any other programs available through the city, you can give the park and rec department a call at

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