In Search Of…Warrens Deer Update!


We’d been hearing about “Bucky” the deer for weeks and decided to try and track him down ourselves…but didn’t have
any luck finding him. Well since then, we’ve heard from several viewers who’ve had their own Bucky encounters.

Take a look at some of these photo’s that Jenny Lamb of Warrens sent us. “Bucky” is a regular visitor at her

We’ve also heard from several Tomah residents that believe “Bucky” is the same deer that frequented that area last
fall. Mary Bergum of Tomah writes that people in her neighborhood named the deer “Sammy,” and almost everyday he’d
wait by the bus stop for the kids to get home from school and play with him.

And Kathy Berndt also of Tomah says the deer followed the kids around like a dog and would respond when people
called out his name. Kathy also says the deer is a fan of french fries!

Thanks to all of you that sent in pictures and e-mails to us!

NewsChannel 8 did talk to the officials with the DNR about this situation, while they don’t encourage feeding or
interacting with wild animals, they are aware of Bucky and plan to leave him alone as long as they don’t recieve any