In Search Of…What’s on tap at Oktoberfest


If there’s one thing Oktoberfest is known for…it’s the beer. And in a city that’s history is so closely tied to
the malt beverage business…it seems only fitting that these two traditions come together. “I think it’s important to
support the local brewery that is growing stronger in La Crosse.” And growing stonger is right.

Since City Brewery’s inception back in 1999…they’ve seen unbelivable growth. “We had 62 employees when we first
opened…today we have exceeded 400 people back at City Brewery.” And where there once were no City Brewery beers, 7
years later, there now stands ten…including their newest…an amber ale created specifically for Oktoberfest
USA. Which brings us back to this unique partnership…..because this year…fest organizers have decided to spotlight
local beers and local beers only. “At the fest grounds this year we’ll have 9 of our beers plus our na…plus three
from Pearl Street brewery.”

“Now concerns have been raised about the lack of any national beer brands on tap…but brewery officials promise
there will be something for everyone on tap.” “We make the lightest light all the way to the richest ale’s. The
consumers gotta try something and find the one that fits there pallette and hopefully they’ll stick around after the

“It’s been a wonderful partnership, they’ve been evtremely helpful with us and supportive of what we’re doing and
we’re supporting what they’re doing…and looking forward to serving their products here.” “It’s great. I love it.
I hope it goes on forever. Local beer is part of the tradition in La Crosse and to showcase what this area has to
offer is a great opportunity.”

We went in search of…what’s on tap at this years fest. “We’re hoping for a great fest and a really solid
performance between our brewery and Oktoberfest.” We found it.