Indiana high schoolers now required to take US citizenship test

Next school year, Indiana high school students will need to take the exam all new US citizens must take during the naturalization process.

Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill into law Thursday requiring the test. Hoosier high schoolers will take the US naturalization test as part of their broader civics course.

The naturalization exam is made up of 100 civics questions; those applying for citizenship are asked 10 of them during their naturalization interviews.

They must get at least six correct to pass the civics portion of the naturalization exam.

To see all the questions (and answers) on the test, click here.

The new law in Indiana doesn’t say that students have to pass the test, but it does require them to take it to be able to graduate.

It also mandates that students are required to undergo “an enhanced study of the Holocaust.”

The Council of State Social Studies Specialists says that Wisconsin, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, North Dakota and Arizona require their students take the full test. Some other states require students to take a portion of the test.

Texas legislators are the latest lawmakers looking at implementing a similar measure, but they’re taking it a step further. They want to make passing the test a requirement for students to graduate; it’s already passed in the state House of Representatives.

To see how well you do on some of the questions from the naturalization exam, take the test below.