Indonesian man pays $10K alimony – in coins

An Indonesian man who owed his wife alimony paid $10,500 in back payments – in coins.

The Jakarta Post reported that Dwi Susilarto arrived at court Thursday with a dozen bags holding the sum in small change.

The bags weighed about 1,960 pounds all together.

The Post said a Susilarto, 54, and his ex-wife’s lawyer nearly got into a fight, and the lawyer refused to count the money, which Susilarto and two friends hauled in using a wheelbarrow.

Susilarto was ordered to pay nine years worth of unpaid alimony, and because he couldn’t afford it, he reached out to friends who helped him with donations.

“They helped me collect the money; some even brought buckets and sacks of coins,” he told the Post.

The court ordered its staff to count the money.