Inside the Logan boys cross country dynasty

One would assume that the success of the Logan boys cross country program is a result of having the fastest team. But for Coach Pat Mulrooney, speed is not the number one indicator of winning. Character is.

“It takes a special kind of a kid to be involved in cross country, because it is not as we certainly know a glamorous sport,” said Mulrooney.  “It is a sport that takes a kind of a kid that is an individual who is willing to work hard. We have really been blessed with getting some kids that are really good students, and with strong work ethic. And kids that really want to achieve greatness at whatever they do.”

What better tool for Ranger runners to succeed on and off the course than a coach with over four decades of experience.

“I’ve learned a lot from coach about hard work and setting goals,” said Logan senior runner Henry Meger. “It is about working towards something and taking care of little things, so as he says, the big things take care of themselves. I am really going to miss having him around, if my life daily, providing that kind of teaching. But, I will definitely carry that on in whatever I do, not just running.”

“Coach obviously, I mean he has been coaching for a long time here,” said Logan senior runner Eric Deetz. “He really knows his stuff. He’s got a great sense of humor, and he is a goof ball. He’s got a lot of great stories that he has accumulated over the years. He always knows to pick you up after a bad race.”

Senior Henry Meger, this season’s MVC champion, is a prime example of a runner with the character that has been the trademark of the Logan cross country program.

“He (Meger) is just such a good person,” said Mulrooney. “He is kind, caring, helpful, and he is more of a quiet leader than he is a vocal leader, but he is a leader. And he is going to be missed. We are hopeful he can go out with a bang, and be our leader one more time at the state meet.”