Insurance agents: document everything after storms

Take pictures of debris before beginning clean-up

If your home or your car is in the path of a destructive storm, insurance agents say make sure you document everything.

Take pictures of the debris, keep receipts of anything you buy and get in touch with your insurance agent right away.

Insurance agents say the larger the claim, the quicker you’ll likely hear from them. Once everything is documented, it’s a good idea to start picking up some of the debris.

“If you’re capable of doing it, you have branches around, just make sure you get as much debris cleared up so you prevent additional fire hazards and tripping hazards and things like that,” said Kerri Bandell, an agent with State Farm in Onalaska.

That will also prevent the debris from causing more damage from future storms.

As for home repairs, the agent stresses getting referrals for contractors in the area from friends and neighbors before having any work done.