International Festival of Owls brings thousands to Houston

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – People are having a real hoot in Houston.

Festivities for the 18th annual International Festival of Owls continued on Saturday at Houston High School.

What started as an event with about 300 people now draws 2,000 curious minds to the city.

Owl lovers from across the world flew in to take part.

It’s a weekend filled with live owl programs, exhibits, and hands-on activities for everyone to enjoy.

The success of the International Festival of Owls is what makes Houston a unique place to be.

“People always say, ‘why do you have an International Owl Center in Houston Minnesota?’ Because if logically, you were going to do one of those, you wouldn’t look at Houston and say ‘oh, that’s where we should put it.’ It just evolved here, and because it has evolved here, the community has evolved with it,” said Karla Bloem, Executive Director of the International Owl Center.

If you missed out today, the event will continue tomorrow starting with a birding and natural history bus trip at 8:30, along with more fun throughout the day.