Invasive Carp removal continues in Mississippi River

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — The removal of invasive carp from the Mississippi River is continuing through a partnership with state and federal agencies.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said Monday that efforts to tag carp and net them to remove them from the river are going well.

During the removal effort Oct. 25-29 in Pool 8, the agencies sampled 100,000 pounds of fish, observing seven silver carp, but not capturing any.

“This is potentially very good news about the current status of invasive carp in Pool 8,” said Jordan Weeks, DNR Mississippi River Fisheries Biologist. “Invasive carp captures decreased sharply. We’re hopeful this indicates a decrease in the actual invasive carp population.”

In addition, the October invasive carp removal produced hundreds of native fish in each of five locations along the river. These captures included a healthy number and diversity of native fish, including numerous paddlefish and sturgeon.

If you believe you have captured an invasive carp, please put it on ice and send a picture of the carp to Jordan Weeks, DNR Mississippi River Fisheries Biologist, at or 608-386-0970.