Invasive New Zealand Mud Snails in Wisconsin

You might’ve heard of the Emerald Ash Borer and Asian Carp, but are you familiar with New Zealand Mud Snails?

It’s the latest invasive species local environmental experts are warning of.

The snails are tiny and thankfully not in our area yet. In fact, the only place they’re found in the state is in a creek west of Madison.

Local environmentalists hope they stay there because the snails are very resilient and harmful to the food chain and ecosystem.

“La Crosse is home to over 600 cold-water, spring-fed creeks, and this is really destination waters for a lot of trout anglers,” said Scott Caven from the River Alliance of Wisconsin.

The best way to avoid spreading the snail and other invasive species is to thoroughly clean any equipment, and drain the water from your fishing gear.