Iowa takes steps to resolve gender concerns after US review

The University of Iowa has reached an agreement with federal regulators to resolve concerns about potential disparities in opportunities provided to female athletes.

A review by the Office for Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education found that Iowa was spending more on male athletes in areas such as equipment, recruiting and locker rooms.

The office didn’t rule on whether those differences violated a federal law requiring schools to provide equal opportunities to male and female students. Instead, it negotiated a resolution in which Iowa pledged to provide data to demonstrate compliance and take steps if deficiencies are found.

The report found no violations in several other areas.

The inquiry began in 2015 after field hockey players filed a complaint following the firing of their coach, Tracey Griesbaum. Iowa last year paid $6.5 million to settle discrimination lawsuits filed by Griesbaum and her partner, former senior associate athletic director Jane Meyer.