Irish butcher claims sausage crown

An Irish butcher is now linked to greatness.

Barry John Crowe holds the Guinness World Records title for making the most sausages in 60 seconds.

Crowe, 37, strung together 78 sausages, breaking his own record of 60 during a televised record-breaking event.

He told the Irish Mirror that he was anxious to perform in front of the cameras but was proud to break his own record.

“I had one minute to fill them out into the casing and to hand-tie them and I managed to do 78,” Crowe said. “It’s like getting a long string and tying it up in bunches.”

Crowe owns a string of family-run butcher shops in Cavan and estimates making hundreds of thousands of sausages in his lifetime.

“There is a knack to it,” he said. “You might feel like you get tied up in it, but I can do it with my eyes closed at this stage. The sausages had to be measured and they had to be the exact same size.”

Guinness World Records had an adjudicator present to do the measurements. Crowe said it was a bit nerve-wracking while the sausages were being checked.

“There was a bit of drama and anxiety because it was on live TV but when they announced I was successful, it was great. It was a nice achievement. I was proud to be able to do it.”

He told the Irish Sun that nearly every house around the world has a Guinness World Records book. He said he’s often been amazed at some of the records that exist.

“I have to say I never dreamed that I would be I would be a part of it,” he said.