Issues for farmers highlighted by republican candidates during Bangor farm tour

Candidates touched on impact of USCMA trade agreement

BANGOR, Wis. (WKBT) – A roundtable event is providing local candidates the chance to learn more about farms in our area.

Republican candidates Derrick Van Orden, Dan Kapanke and Kevin Hoyer stopped at Creamery Creek Farms in Bangor Tuesday morning.

Following the roundtable, the group toured the farm.

Discussions touched on the impacts local, state and federal governments have on farmers.

The USMCA trade agreement, which went into effect earlier this year was also discussed.

Van Orden says the change is helping farmers.

“The biggest thing that we can help with farmers from the federal level are to make sure that we have a level playing field on international trade. So the USMCA that was passed recently is already having an effect on the dairy prices,” said Wisconsin 3rd congressional district candidate Derrick Van Orden.

Wisconsin Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin says a lot is impacting how farmers are doing financially.

“It’s always been an up or down business with farmers not in control of the prices they get for their, what they produce. That said, the trade wars were an incredible disruptive force,” said Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin.

Election day is November 3rd.