January 2020 Top Notch Teacher: Mike Kline

Holmen teacher believes the classroom is all about making memories


“I’ve really tried to develop a philosophy of trying to make this a place that they want to be,” Kline said.

That includes book discussions above the floor.

“It’s this nice sweet spot of school where school is new and fun,” Kline said. “Friends are new and fun.”

Teaching on a bunk bed is not Kline’s only way of making class fun.

“On Fridays, we do something we call Time with Kline,” he said.

To give future life lessons to the kids.

“I usually do a little lesson on kindness or grit,” Kline said.

He is not just handing out schoolwork.

“My goal this year to show my grit was to learn a magic trick every week,” Kline said.

Even if he messes up his routine, the kids enjoy it.

“Some of my magic tricks are failures and that’s good for the kids to see,” Kline said. “And some of them turn out really cool.”

Whether it’s performing magic tricks or teaching on a loft, Kline wants to make his classes unforgettable.

“You should have a part of the day that you love to enjoy, and come home and share it with some enthusiasm,” Kline said.