January Top Notch Teacher: Onalaska High’s Sue Brewer

ONALASKA (WKBT)- Stepping into Sue Brewer’s classroom at Onalaska High School is like getting a taste of home.

Brewer teaches family and consumer science.

“Growing up, it was home economics. I loved those classes,” Brewer said.

From cooking to child care, Brewer offers Lessons to fuel body–

“She really brings joy to my day…Cooking is one of my favorite things to do,” said freshman J.J. Ross.

–and mind.

“This class–it teaches you so much,” said senior Addi Updike, “and I feel like you can just take it with you.”

It’s a class that’s also allowed Brewer to come full circle in her teaching journey.

“I started out as just a substitute teacher when my own children started school here about 23 years ago,” she said.

After years of part-time work with younger students, this full-time experience with high schoolers has given her a new challenge: providing the next generation with a strong foundation.

We’ve honed in on what that traditional classroom and preparing children for taking care of children, providing food, for having healthy relationships,” she said. “This used to be about finding a partner or love of your life. I feel like if you can find that in yourself first, then we teach that in relationships, it’s about having a healthy relationship with yourself.”

And watching that relationship develop is for Brewer what makes teaching –a treat.

“Teachers I had growing up who believed in me and connected with me, they were my mentors and I still think of them,” said Brewer. “I hope I can be that to other students. I think it’s important if they can say, ‘I’m not sure about myself every day, but Mrs. Brewer is sure about me, and she believes in me.’ That really goes a long way.”

Sue Brewer, a Top Notch Teacher.