Jeren Kendall’s high school coach looks back on time in Holmen

Former Holmen star picked in MLB Draft

One of our area’s own continues to chase his big league dreams.

Former Holmen High School baseball star Jeren Kendall was drafted in the first round of the Major League Baseball draft by the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday night.

Kendall has spent the last three years playing at Vanderbilt University after being named Wisconsin Player of the Year in 2013 and 2014.

His high school coach at Holmen, Duane Vike, says while Kendall was one of the most talented players to ever come through our area, it’s his work ethic that has him set up to succeed as a pro.

“You see a lot of guys, (with) maybe not his talent but really good talent, that don’t work as hard as he did and put the time in and have the instruction that he had over the years,” said Vike. “He really put a lot of time into his game to go with that talent.”

Vike says while it would have been easy for Kendall to become overconfident with his abilities on the diamond, that never happened.

“He has a great attitude, you know, he’s a great kid, he’s good to people, he’s a kid that he’s really easy to cheer for,” said Vike.

Kendall was picked 23rd overall in the draft, meaning he’s potentially in line for a signing bonus of $2.7 million.

He now has the option of signing a contract offer from the Dodgers and beginning his professional career or returning to school for his senior season.