Jim Beam offers first ‘smart decanter’

Jim Beam is selling what it dubs, “the world’s first smart decanter” on its website for only $34.90.

The device, called JIM provides bourbon lovers a new way to enjoy a shot, a company news release says.

According to the release, the smart device answers questions and can be ordered to pour shots simply by saying, “Hey JIM, pour me a Jim Beam.”

The decanter is voiced by master distiller Fred Noe. You can also ask JIM to tell you a story, what the weather’s like, or ask for several other words of wisdom.

“For decades, we produced unique, limited-edition decanters that are now collectors’ items,” Noe stated in the news release. “And now, we’re introducing a smart decanter that lets fans enjoy their bourbon on demand with friends and family.”

USA Today reports JIM operates using 3G, no app or Wi-Fi required. The 3G capabilities expire after six months; after that, JIM will turn back to a regular decanter.

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