Jim Busta Band 10/4/07


Oktoberfest is a time for La Crosse to celebrate with parades, partying and of course the polka!And one of the most
popular polka acts around is Spring Grove, Minnesota’s Jim Busta Band

The band’s namesake, Jim Busta says “It started about 27 years ago when I was living in northeast Iowa and was just
a gentleman and myself and from there it expanded to include two of the children Chad and Mollie and went from there.”
Wife Mary Lou remembers the early days well, “We started 27 years ago and our children, the oldest was in first grade
so we ended up taking that to the dances with us and eventually the learned all about the dancing, the music, the
instruments and their dad started working with them and it started to work out.”

Chad Busta, the drummer, can barely remember a time when he wasn’t a part of this band. “Actually my first job was
when I was 6 and I was his regular drummer when I was 7.” “I had to improvise the drums so that he could reach the
petals,” says Jim. “People would look cause they’d hear the drums but couldn’t see anybody.”

Little sister Mollie juggles multiple roles in the band playing horns, keyboard and tackling lead vocals. “Mollie
did her first job when she was only 11.” Chad says, “Mollie is the perfect person fronting because she’s young, fun,

And we can’t forget the two other Busta siblings. “Jason will occasionally play with us and Lisa dances, everybody

And even though they’re technically not related, the other two band members, Steve Kenney on trumpet and Jeff
Bearman on the tuba and bass, are about as Busta as they come. Steve and Jeff, they’re technically family. When you
play with someone for 20 years, they’re not blood but they’re pretty much family.”

Mollie says, “We all have our strengths up there and that really helps us alot.”

And though this might not be concidered the most mainstream of music genres, have no doubt this polka band is in
high demand! “There’s a calling for it, there’s a need for it and we’re here to fulfill that!”