Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco weigh in on end of ‘Big Bang Theory’

Jim Parsons has broken his silence about the upcoming end of “The Big Bang Theory” in a lengthy but heartfelt note posted to his Instagram page on Thursday.

The actor, who won four Emmy Awards for his role as Sheldon Cooper, wrote that he feels “very fortunate that we have another 23 episodes to shoot this season because I am hopeful that with each and every one, my level of REALLY accepting this fact will sink in.”

Warner Bros. Television, which produces “The Big Bang Theory,” and CBS announced on Wednesday the comedy would come to a conclusion in 2019.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the decision was a result of Parson’s desire to walk away from the series.

Parsons made no reference to this report in his note, but instead spoke of his gratitude for the viewers (“who are the ACTUAL reason we have been graced with the opportunity to explore these characters for 12 years of our lives”), crew, writers and his fellow cast members.

“While I know that they already know it, it bears repeating again and again: I am so terribly grateful for the cast in this picture and the cast members who aren’t pictured here — whether they were in one scene or many episodes along the way,” he said, making reference to the photo in his post. “You are all my playmates that I have fallen in love with and who have become a part of my life on set and off.”

He added: “I will miss all of you and all of this more than I can say and more than I can know at this time.”

Fellow star Kaley Cuoco is also a little emotional about the beginning of the end for “The Big Bang Theory.”

The star took to Instagram upon news that her series would be signing off after its upcoming twelfth season and paid tribute to the show and its fans.

“This ride has been a dream come true and as life changing as it gets,” she wrote. “No matter when it was going to end, my heart would have always been broken in two.”

“The Big Bang Theory” will sign off as the longest-running multi-camera sitcom in TV history, the studio said.

Saying she was “drowning in tears,” Cuoco further promised viewers “the best season yet.”

“We are going out with a bang,” she wrote.

Parsons and Cuoco weren’t the only cast member to weigh in on the show’s impending end.

Kunal Nayyer, who plays Raj on the show, wrote in his own Instagram post that there were “no words in any language that can describe what my heart wants to say.”

“The love that I feel for all of you is boundless. Without you the fans there would be no us,” he wrote. “Tonight I sleep with a prayer of gratitude on my lips. This isn’t goodbye… yet… still 23 eps to shoot!”

Mayim Bialik also wrote a blog post in which she said, “Being an employed actor on what is the #1 comedy in America is unbelievable. And the fact that so many people consider us a part of their lives and families is powerful. I don’t take any of it for granted.”

Production on the new season recently commenced.

The final season will premiere in September.