Johnny Davis returns to La Crosse for youth basketball camp

After Jordan Davis helped run the show on day 1, Johnny Davis took over on Day 2 of the camp to help hoopers from all over the area.

Kids from 3rd grade to 12th grade packed Central High School’s gym to take notes and learn from one of La Crosse’s best.

They started the day working on their skills and even learning a few new tricks from Johnny himself.

Davis says he wants to help the kids build confidence and be someone they can look up to.

“You know there was a kid today at camp, he didn’t want to go up and play against everyone else because he won at his basket. Bailey and I gave him a little advice to get him to come out and he ended up winning the whole thing, so just always to have confidence in themselves and work hard. It’s good to come back here and give back to the younger kids. I just remember being in their shoes and looking up to guys like Kobe King and Bailey Kale so hopefully, I can make an impact on these kids,” said Washington Wizards guard, Johnny Davis.