Keeping kids healthy and active in Winona

‘Just Try It' gets kids to try new things

Trying to get kids to be and stay healthy can often be a difficult task, but one local group is helping parents do just that.

Winona Health and Healthy Kids partners hosted their annual “Just Try It” event Sunday. From field hockey games to Irish dancing, and even karate lessons, there were a lot of things for kids to do while their parents attended some health focused presentations.

Officials say it’s all about getting kids up and moving.

“For us to be able to offer an activity like this where they can come out on a kind of icky day and enjoy themselves and let their kids get out, try new things, explore, they might find something today that really is interesting to them and will keep them moving as they grow older,” said Winona Health Community Relations Coordinator Nicole Schossow.

The group holds three of these events each year, one in winter and one in fall, and another as part of the Play Streets Activity in May.