Kids use lip balm to get high

Optometrist: ‘Beezin' can lead to several infections, viruses

A warning for parents about a dangerous new fad with teens: kids have been rubbing Burt’s Bees all natural lip balm on their eyelids.

It’s called “Beezin” and has actually been around for almost a decade. Kids use the peppermint oil in the balm for the natural high it provides.             

The oil creates a burning sensation in the eyes, leaving users feeling intoxicated. But doctors warn that “Beezin” can lead to more than just a natural “high.”

“Certainly anytime the eye becomes inflamed or red the chance for more serious thing happening like an infection like an infection or something is greater and certainly like you say like the products that’s been used around the mouth you’ll always be a little concerned about contamination,” said Dr. Alan Hecht, an optometrist at Mayo Clinic Health System.

“Beezin” can lead a number of dangerous outcomes including infections and viruses and even blindness.