Kobe King reflects on “ups and downs” during first year at Wisconsin

“It was my patella, the bone. It broke in half. They just screwed it together. One screw,” Kobe King said.

A season ending injury is something Kobe King had never had to deal with before.

“Before this, what was the longest injury you ever had to deal with?
Probably like four weeks. I tore the ligament in my wrist and they put a cast on it for four weeks and then I was fine after that. Definitely been something new,” King said.

March has usually meant playing in big basketball games. This year he’s left counting down the days before being able to return to the court.

“They thought it would be three to four months and I’m two and a half months out so I probably should be back a little bit early,” King said.

The season wasn’t a complete waste. King got minutes immediately and played in the first ten games averaging 19 minutes and five points per contest.

“I kind of learned how to adjust to the physicality, and the system, and just the way we play. I think I was just starting to pick up on it so it was kind of unfortunate that I had to get hurt. But I guess everything happens for a reason,” King said.

Watching instead of playing has given a different perspective.

“When playing in the first nine games I kind of knew the system and the rules so I’ve been able to pick up on it more watching because it’s different playing. You don’t really notice mistakes. But being able to watch it has really helped me learn. I think it will help a lot for next year,” King said.

And no doubt that a healthy King can help the Badgers program start another streak of NCAA tournament appearances.