La Crescent Apple Jacks going back in time to enjoy America’s pastime

The Coulee Region is a perfect spot for a game of America’s pastime.

“Welcome to the match between the Filmore Fungi and the Menomonee Bluecaps.”

And by pastime…

“We will have a coin toss, on heads is our current president Mr. Buchanan.”

I really mean past-time.

“Back in the 1860s, nobody had invented baseball gloves, so everybody was barehanded.”

Bill Olm is the manager of the La Crescent Apple Jacks’ team that plays baseball true to the rules set before the Civil War

“The ball is pitched, not hurled. It’s generally a softer delivery.”

“The idea was for the batter to hit the ball because everybody was out here for exercise.”

“You can over run first base but your susceptible for being out.”

The game may be older, but the team is open for any new talent–believe me.

“We let anyone play, and if you’re interested, Alec, we’ll get you here and give you a time at bat.”

And how could I turn that down?

“We do this in service to the La Crescent Area Historical Society,” Ohm said. “We’re trying to educate the general public, but when it’s all said and done, it’s funner than the dickens.”

Ohm says anyone interested in joining the club can email him at There is no age requirement to join.