La Crescent high school prank ‘gone too far’ under investigation by police

The school is currently looking into a group of students that broke into the high school last week in what might be a high school prank gone too far.

“It was taken too far,” said Chief of Police for the City of La Crescent Doug Stavenau.

“When we had shown up to school, the two main halls of the high school were filled to the brim with chairs and desks,” recalled Sophomore Cole Bauer.

A senior prank resulting in furniture lining the hallways of La Crescent High School now has police involved. The superintendent says the prank also included potentially offensive material.

“A set of actions including moving of furniture in the hallway, racist graffiti, inappropriate phallic symbols on whiteboards, homophobic and sexual websites on computers, as well as possibly obtaining a key from an unknown source,” explained Superintendent of La Crescent-Hokah Public Schools Kevin Cardille.

The prank appears to be well-planned out.

An unknown amount students in their cars on that night on the perimeter of the high school playing lookout to those breaking in if a police officer or an authority figure had shown up.

The students who did break in did so by getting a copy of the schools master key, allowing them to access to any of the schools doorways.

According to a statement released from La Crescent Police, no charges are currently filed, the building was not damaged, and the school as of now is responsible for any punishment made.

Some students don’t find the prank too offensive.

“They didn’t harm anyone, and our class is known for being pretty rowdy,” expressed senior Garrett Fields.”

The police don’t agree.

“Is this really a reflection of what our community is and how we act as a community?” asked Chief Stavenau.

Some students say those who were caught in the prank are not able to walk at graduation this weekend, although the school has not confirmed that information.

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