La Crescent-Hokah District releases plans for fall school year

LA CRESCENT, Minn (WKBT) – Right across the river, another school district is putting together plans for the fall. La Crescent-Hokah School District families can expect their kids to wear masks when physically attending school come September.

The plan for the upcoming year consists of in person learning for kindergarten through fourth grade, and for fifth grade through high school students, a split A-B student schedule, where groups are in school and learning virtually during the week, with Wednesdays reserved for online learning and school cleaning.

“We may have some students come in, that need extra help, or who have fallen behind on Wednesday,” said Kevin Cardille, La Crescent-Hokah School District superintendent.

Before students come in the buildings, they will get a temperature check. However, this won’t always happen everyday. So to keep families prepared the district is sending out health kits.

“For parents, a checklist, a health checklist and also for them to monitor their temperature,” said Cardille.

And virtual learning only will still exist in the fall.

“Parents do have the option to keep their kid home, if they don’t feel safe sending their kid, they do have that option,” said Cardille.

But Cardille said, the most important part of allowing kids to come to school is keeping the community healthy.

“We’re opening school not on data that was produced by the school, it’s the community, or it’s the county. It’s what’s going on with this virus with everybody. That’s what we’re basing our opening on. All I can do is stress, please do those safe procedures, wear a mask and wash your hands and sanitize,” said Cardille. “Do all those things because if we can keep the numbers down in the community that’s what’s going to keep, or open our doors.”

The detailed 16 page plan for reopening created by the district can be found on its website.