La Crescent’s Cali Esser cuts season short due to injury after 6 years on varsity team

La Cresent-Hokah Senior, Cali Esser has played for 6 years on the varsity basketball team, but has to end her senior year early.

Esser first made her varsity debut for the lancers in the 7th grade, an opportunity that she didn’t take lightly, but now as a senior a knee injury that requires surgery is cutting her senior year short and made last night her final game as a lancer.

“They told me I was able to play, but at this point its just that I’m not at my full potential and I wont get back to my full potential and the pain is just too much, to handle so I decided that the best thing for me is to get surgrey and get better, faster stronger, and I can help my team in different ways than just being on the court,” said Senior, Cali Esser.

Esser plans on taking on a new role, as a leader and a coach for her teamates.

Its not the role she thought shed be in this year but esser says if theres one thing being apart of this program has taught her it’s you gotta keep on going.

Sports in general, its physically 10-percent and mentally 90-percent.. and its just you have to be able to roll with the punches, everyday its going to be a different thing and you never know so just keep playing cuz you never know when youre going to get hurt, you never know when youll be done playing forever.

Esser may have played her last game in a Lancer uniform but most importantly, shes leaving the program in a better place than when she first made the team 6 years ago.