La Crosse Area YMCA to expand parking lot

YMCA Marketing Director: We're trying to provide more ease of access

If you’re a member of the La Crosse Area YMCA it sometimes can be hard to find a parking spot.

An increase in program numbers and facility use is creating a demand in parking. To help, the ‘Y’ is adding additional space to its lot, gaining about 20 parking spots.

The additional parking is going on the north side of the building facing main street.

The project will also hopefully make it easier for guests to come and go as they please.

“We’re busy in the evening, we’re busy through out the day, there’s not a time of day that you don’t come through here and see a bunch of cars in our lot and we’re trying to provide more ease of access for those members to get into the building,” said La Crosse Area YMCA Marketing Director Nate Hundt.

The additional space in the parking lot will have a rain catch area to help with water runoff as well.