La Crosse Blue Stars ready for DCI World Championships

Prelims on Thursday, Aug. 8 at 5:30 p.m. shown at Marcus La Crosse Cinema

The La Crosse Blue Stars Drum and Bugle Corps are ready to perform at Drum Corps International’s World Championships next week.

The La Crosse Marcus Cinema on Ward Avenue will show, “DCI: Big, Loud & Live 10” on Thursday, August 8 at 5:30 p.m.

The top 15 corps in the country will be shown on the big screen. The Blue Stars are currently in 12th place with their “Voodoo: I Put a Spell On You” show.

“It’s really a great event and it’s a way for people who can’t make it to Indianapolis for the championships to see the groups at their best and at top performance,” said Blue Stars Executive Director Brad Furlano.

The Blue Stars have been performing at a very high level this last week, Furlano said.

“It’s been a terrific season for the drum corps. We’re really pleased with the group of members and the way they have represented the Blue Stars and La Crosse as we’ve toured the country. They really are a great group of young adults and we couldn’t be more proud of their performance and what they’ve done this season.”

The 150 members are finishing up their last three shows of the season before they head into the championships. They’ve traveled about 12,000 miles so far and still have about 1,500 miles left to get everyone to Indianapolis for the championships.

“It’s all about execution going into the championships and performing at our highest level,” Furlano said.

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