La Crosse Center hosts apple growers trade show

More than 100 regional apple farms represented

Area apple growers are picking up some tips and learning about the future of the industry in La Crosse this week.

The Minnesota Apple Growers Association is holding its 84th annual trade show at the La Crosse Center.

Even though the event is put on by the Minnesota association, apple growers from across Wisconsin and Iowa are also attending.

Minnesota Apple Growers Association secretary Ralph Yates says a recent consumer trend of preferring locally grown products has benefitted area apple farms.

“As apple growers, it’s one of the greatest things that’s happened to us in the last few years that people are suddenly taking a notice of where their food comes from, and who’s growing it, and how they’re growing it, and we can check off all of those boxes right here in Minnesota and Wisconsin,” said Yates.

Representatives from more than 120 apple farms across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa are at this week’s event.

The apple growers trade show continues through Thursday.