La Crosse charrette provides great benefits to development

Redevelopment of former Mobile Oil Site looked for public input

La Crosse has learned just how beneficial a charrette can be.

To help with La Crosse’s redevelopment of Riverside North, formerly known as the Mobile Oil Site, it also hosted a series of intensive planning meetings with the public.

City planners say it was a great way to get the public involved in the future of their city. The meetings also helped speed up the project. What would normally take about a year was cut down to just three weeks.

However, city planners say there is still a lot of work to be done.

“Folks just need to remember this is a very large project, lots of acres to develop, and it’s going to take the city time and resources to continue to move it forward,” said La Crosse Interim Planning and Development Director Amy Peterson.

Consultants just finished their final reports on the plans which will be introduced to the city council in October.