La Crosse Co. Board approves sale of Co. Admin. Bldg.

The La Crosse County Board is moving forward with plans to buy the Associated Bank building and convert it into a new administrative center.

The board voted Thursday night to sell the current administrative center to Borton Construction and 360 Real Estate for $250,000. The vote was 19 to 7 in favor.

The developers will turn the building into private student housing for Western Technical College.

The sale is contingent on the county buying the Associated Bank property on the corner of 7th and State Streets to use as the new administrative center.

The plan also includes Associated buying a portion of Lot C from the county, the parking lot across from the courthouse, to build a new bank.

County leaders say there are fall backs if the deal falls through. “There are contingencies in this deal to make sure Associated has a spot on Lot C. If not, then the deal fails. We are making sure the Associated Bank building is clean and that it is suitable for us to move into so we have to do some environmental things, those contingencies are built in,” said County Board Chairperson Tara Johnson.

If everything goes as planned, construction on all three projects could start in Spring of next year.

Thursday night’s vote also gave the green light to form a visioning group to determine what Lot C should be developed into.

The group will be made up of county and business leaders as well as members of the public.