La Crosse Co. helps fund city park improvements

The city of La Crosse is getting some much needed help to improve one of its ball fields.

The county has agreed to pledge $250,000 for upgrades to Erickson Ball Park. New lighting and artificial turf will be added to the ball field. It’s all thanks to an agreement with the county made back in 2013 .

The resolution allows the county to use money made from the Capx2020 project on certain improvements in the city of La Crosse.

“This is another way for La Crosse County to sure up and support the work that the city of La Crosse is doing to improve neighborhoods in the city of La Crosse, and we’re really glad to be able to do that,” said County Chair, Tara Johnson. 

The county will commit another $100,000 if the city finds a matching donor from another government entity. The estimated cost of the project is around 290-thousand dollars. Work on the project  will begin sometime in the fall of 2015.